Measuring COPD health status

The CCQ takes less than 2 minutes to complete, and can be used to monitor COPD.

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Capture exacerbations

The CCQ is very responsive for events. Use the CCQ measure the course of an exacerbation

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Long term treatment effect

Capture your treatment effect. For example in this large smoking cessation trial. Tashkin et al 2011, doi:10.1016/j.rmed.2011.04.016

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For Patients

Use The CCQ to assess your COPD health status. Bring your completed CCQ to your next consultation and discuss the results!

Healthcare professionals

Use the CCQ during your normal practice. Within 2 minutes you will have useful information. The domain scores can help you target your treatment. The CCQ has been validated for individual patients!


Use the CCQ for your studies. The CCQ is well validated for group and individual use. The CCQ is very responsive to change. Easy to administer, has high completion rates. Many others used the CCQ as primary or secondary endpoint in their studies.

Get the CCQ right now!

Download your CCQ right now! The CCQ is available in more that 60 languages. Download a copy in your language.

The CCQ helps me to monitor all my COPD patients. I use the domain scores to guide my treatment advises. Very helpful in my daily care! (nurse)