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You can use the Clinical COPD Questionnaire, the CCQ, to get insight in your patient’s health status.


Why use the CCQ?

The International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) created an overview to help clinicians choose the best “COPD wellness tool”. The CCQ is the only questionnaire with the maximum ranking. DOI: and


Use the total score to categorize your patient’s impairment; use the domains to focus your treatment.


Scoring the Clinical COPD Questionnaire




The questions in the Clinical COPD Questionnaire (CCQ) are divided into three area’s, or domains:


Symptoms: items 1, 2, 5 en 6

Functional state: items 7, 8, 9 en 10

Mental state: items 3 en 4


Individual items within the CCQ are equally weighted. The total score is calculated by adding the scores of the ten items and dividing that number by ten (= number of items). Additionally, it is possible to calculate the scores on each of the three domains separately. The total CCQ score, and the score on each of the three domains, varies between 0 (very good health status) to 6 (extremely poor health status).


Missing data rule

You should make large effort to prevent missing data! When data is missing or answers are ambiguous (e.g. double answers) the following rules have to be applied to calculate the CCQ scores.


Domain No. items in domain No. items required % required items
Symptoms 4 3 75
Functional state 4 3 75
Mental state 2 2 100


When data is missing, the total CCQ score can still be calculated if the individual domains can be calculated. So when one question of the mental domain is missing, this domain score cannot be calculated, and so the total score cannot be calculated as well. When a patient fills in two answers on one question the data should be considered as missing.


When the three domain scores can be calculated, the total score is calculated by multiplying the domain score with the original amount of questions and adding these numbers and dividing by 10.

For example, when question 5 is not completed, or there are two answers, the scores will be calculating as follows:

For the symptom domain add the score from questions 1,2, and 6 and divide by 3. Calculate the other domain scores as usual.

To calculate the total score use the following algorithm: ((symptom domain score)*4+(functional state domain score)*4+(mental state domain score)*2)/10 = CCQ total score.


Download the CCQ in your language now.

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